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August 3 - September 1, 2018


Artist Talk with George Fitzpatrick

August 11th 10:30am - noon

Ancient Inspiration, Modern Design

Bonfoey Gallery is excited to present the works of George Fitzpatrick. It has been over twenty years since the last exhibition of his unique and magnificent “word drawings” in Cleveland.

George Fitzpatrick graduated from West Technical High School where he studied under the tutelage of art teachers, Paul and Jean Ulen. Through them, he was exposed to and learned to appreciate the works of the Italian Renaissance. He continued to educate himself in art and literature and developed an interest in contemporary art. In 1974, he began creating drawings that included the texts of archeological works, ancient literature, and historical art subjects using a minimalistic calligraphic design. Fitzpatrick has created over a thousand drawings, each being carefully calculated from the paper he uses to the writing utensils to the number of rows in a drawing. A favored paper is tosa konshi paper from Japan that is made of 100% gampi and has been dyed with indigo creating a dark blue hue. Buddhist monks have been using this paper for their prayer scrolls for over thirteen centuries.

The focus of his work has always been the creation and the process. Drawing for Fitzpatrick is an experience, one that has become a spiritual meditation focusing on detailed precision. If he makes one small mistake, he must begin again as there is no way to erase or edit. His process is similar to the monks and scribes of the past who hand wrote every line for their scrolls and books before the printing press existed. His works remind the viewer of the beauty of letters and design, while also creating the feeling of being immersed in an expansive and ancient manuscript full of peaceful meaning and wisdom.

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Twenty-Four Drawings Opening Reception

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