Artist Statement In my work I examine the systems that we use to control our surroundings – or in turn the structures that try to control us. These strategies include architecture, language, government, the Internet, and belief systems. Through abstraction and metaphor, I construct actual and depicted spaces of somewhat recognizable, yet precarious situations. Using a multidisciplinary approach, I create hybrid spatial conversations that observe, interpret, and respond to experiences of attempted control and containment. I am exploring the operations, failures, fractures, superstitions, and perceptions of these systems to uncover underlying common codes within our shared experiences.


This conceptual armature informs my creative practice and manifests differently in each project. For example, much of my recent work has focused on investigating the lasting impact of Soviet occupation on both tangible and invisible spaces. As a first-generation Estonian-American, I have a particular interest in understanding the effects of oppression/survival on cultural history, while also contextualizing and questioning contemporary global narratives. My research in Post-Soviet countries such as Estonia, Russia, and Azerbaijan has allowed me to gain firsthand visual evidence into heavily controlled built spaces. The resulting prints and drawings unpack architectural experiences that describe histories of restriction.