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  • Happening at Bonfoey Art Gallery

    Jenna Mohan, Untitled III (detail), 2023. Color pencil.

    Happening at Bonfoey Art Gallery


    52nd annual CSU Art Show

    From April 16th to May 24th Bonfoey gallery is thrilled to host CSU’s 52nd Annual Student Art Show.

    Immerse yourself in a vibrant collection promised to inspire and excite. Explore a wide array of art from CSU students, showcasing their incredible versatility and creativity through various mediums and styles.

    Exhibit Duration: April 16th - May 24th

  • Featured Artist: Jim Bandsuh

    Featured Artist: Jim Bandsuh

    Jim Bandsuh, born in 1952 in Cleveland, Ohio, showed a talent for art from an early age, engaging in drawing and painting. He spent most of his life involved in the art world.

    He began his formal art education at Cuyahoga Community College, studying drawing and sculpture for two years. He then moved on to the Cooper School of Art in Cleveland, where he earned a degree as a Commercial Art Illustrator with a minor in fine art.

    In the 1980s, Jim worked as an Advertising Illustrator and was part of the Left Bank Art Association. During this time, he actively displayed his fine art paintings at various shows and festivals.

    In 1987, seeking new opportunities, Jim relocated to Los Angeles, California, where he embarked on a nearly 30-year career in the film industry as a Conceptual Illustrator. His film credits include "Stuart Little 2," "Inspector Gadget," "Hotel for Dogs," "Bedtime Stories," among others. While in Los Angeles, he also continued to exhibit his paintings.

    In 2008, Jim moved to Gulf Harbour, New Zealand, and worked for three years in the New Zealand Film Industry. He also dedicated time to his painting during this period.

    Currently, Jim is back in Cleveland, focusing full-time on his painting career.



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    Embracing a legacy of 130 years, our art gallery stands as a beacon of creativity, representing a diverse spectrum of talent ranging from emerging artists to seasoned masters. Rooted in a commitment to excellence, we offer bespoke framing services and unparalleled customer care, ensuring each visitor receives personalized attention. With a keen eye for curation, we transform spaces with art that seamlessly integrates into any environment. At our gallery, art is not just displayed—it's an experience crafted with passion and expertise.