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    Anita Dawson

    Anita Dawson

    Immersed in a world of vibrant colors and dynamic forms, Anita Dawson is not just a painter and sculptor; she's a creative force based in Columbus, Ohio. Her compelling artworks have graced galleries and captivated audiences across the Midwest and Eastern United States. One of her recent triumphs includes a mesmerizing solo exhibition at the South Bend Museum of Art and the Dublin Art Center in Ohio.

    Anita's quest for artistic inspiration and knowledge has led her on adventurous journeys through the historic and culture-rich landscapes of Italy, Spain, and France, delving deep into the study of iconography. These experiences have not only enriched her work but also her teaching. She has illuminated the minds of many as a visiting artist and art professor in the picturesque Aix in Provence and the eternal city of Rome.

    Back in the United States, Anita is revered as Professor Emerita at the Columbus College of Art & Design, where her legacy includes inspiring a new generation of artists in the fields of painting and drawing. Her roots in Florida, where she spent her formative years, continue to echo in her art. This foundation is further solidified by her academic achievements, holding degrees from the University of South Florida and the University of Florida. Anita Dawson's journey is not just about creating art; it's about weaving a tapestry of experiences that continue to shape and redefine the art world.

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