GC Williams is an American artist currently living and working in New England. Given the opportunity to study with working artists as part of her childhood education, she chose to study art history in college-something she sees as highly valuable to her career as an artist. It was during these studies that she gained an appreciation for the broad scope of artistic expression over the centuries and fell in love particularly with the northern European artists of the 17th and 18th centuries. She finds inspiration in their ability to imbue everyday objects and commonplace scenes with a dignity above their station. She focuses on still life to this day and strives to make pieces both beautiful, thoughtful, and able to speak to contemporary life despite their traditional style.


Initially self-taught, Williams studied at several classical ateliers over the course of ten years, learning the methods and materials employed for centuries by artists.  She has participated in numerous group and solo shows throughout the country. Her works hang in both private and corporate collections.