"My work is about the little moments of beauty that comprise our existence if we will but pay attention, as well as the things that tie us all together as people living, breathing, and experiencing life on the same planet. The greening of the landscape in early spring, the glint of light on an object; growing things and made objects. I enjoy finding interesting interactions between objects, as well as creating them. I love exploring the way light animates objects and the life shadows give to a space.


While ending up with a successful painting is my ultimate goal, what keeps me coming back to the easel each day is the process itself: the challenge of trying to convey a space or scene that is universal in its appeal or subject, getting lost in my work so that the whole world is quiet for a time, the feel of the brush on the canvas, the unique qualities of different pigments--this is all part of the allure and drive to create a work of art."