Artist Statement  I make multi layered screen prints through which I capture the presence of a person who is seminal and transformative. Through the collaging of different iconography, such as cars and planes, cartoon characters and animals, each artwork becomes a kind of portrait. Even though the person is not present, the different shapes and colors represent the likeness of that person whether it be eye color, a color of the symbol, a favorite color, a recurring color or their skin color. No two prints have the same colors, or exactly the same symbols because although they are similar in some aspects, they're all so vastly different. Every name is customized to that person because they're unique, through the layering and collapsing of image, I show the history of an individual but only a section/fragment of who they are as a whole. In the layering of images there are multiple symbols referring to specific traits, favorite past times, and hobbies that represent what these individuals enjoy the most. By creating each portrait using the screen printmaking processes, each artwork further expresses that although the work alludes to a particular person from my biography, they may also remind you of someone you know. The viewer is invited to have a conversation with each “person” like you would with those you hold nearest to you in your own community. Each print contains a set of layers specifically referring to the experiences,moments, dreams, and desires that each person might carry with them. In order to ground each portrait, images referencing a favorite place create the base layer. This community of people all share very similar qualities that influence the way in which the others speak to one another. They may not get along in all ways but still find solace in each other.