John Sargent III

Artist Statement Nature is the starting point. Any given work begins from the evolution of many thoughts towards a simple expression.   The actual painting of which becomes a dance of technical facility and letting go. There are many ideas and thoughts acting in opposition, which must be resolved. The expression, 'greater than the sum of its parts,' certainly comes to mind,  and/or, "where the adult may dance with their inner child."


It is not 'about' knowing. Knowing only takes the conversation or the journey so far. The best work points to some other. This is where it is exciting, playful, beautiful.  There is much thought behind all this, which in the end is quite unimportant.


What is important is that the viewer receives something that is transcendent, emotional spiritual and visceral etc. It is to reveal and gift the viewer a part of who they are or wish to be, a muchness and a value added.