Artist Statement  In Liz Maugans new series, MURMUR, she continues exploring themes of fragility and courage, vulnerability and loss and the exploration of our recovery pathos in disconnection, loneliness and isolation in a pandemic era.  Tensions inherent in these themes play out in the juxtaposition of increased scale with smaller fragments of textual passages that make utterance, quieted-down, and ignored anthems, themes and voices to be both seen and heard. The arch is a recurring shapeshifter motif that represents our own mortality- from mousehole, gravestone, tunnel, and mountain top. 


Sorrow songs and spiritual music prompted much of the soul searching in this work Text phrases are lifted from lyrics, the news, personal conversations and stories.  Text is playful and wobbly in these investigations of hope and doubt, of promise and failure which ebb and flow to the darker side of the human experience of both humor and sarcasm in order to deflate and counter-balance our unrealistic expectations of hopes and dreams.