My name is Lindsey Ballard. Photography has been a passion of mine since I was just a young girl. Ever since I got my first camera phone in middle school, I have been taking photos of everything and anything that captured my eye.

I got married at the young age of 20, and my husband has been incredibly supportive of my dream to be a photographer. He encouraged me to go back to school and study photography. I started at the Art Institutes of Pittsburgh, and later transferred to Southern New Hampshire University, where I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Photography with high honors back in August of 2020.

While studying photography, I was introduced to various experimental and abstract
forms of photography that really pushed the boundaries of how to use a camera and edit photos. One method that really stood out to me was multiple exposure imaging, which can be done either in camera or later in post processing. This method involves combining multiple photographs into one final image. By adding layers, texture, and color, the final product becomes very expressive.