I gain inspiration from the woods that surround my home studio.  Exploring various ways to interpret the natural world, I approach the 2D surface as a page in a naturalist’s workbook. The dichotomy of geometric and organic forms working together interests me.  Abstract and figurative elements mingle as images, marks, and thoughts.  Random marks, splashes, or drips rest next to deliberately honed patterns and forms. Accident and intent work hand in hand as I apply various media.

All imagery in the collaged elements is created by me, be it a drawing or photograph.  On archival tissue paper I create an ink or pencil drawing, or print an original photograph. The tissue is then adhered to the surface with acrylic gel medium. This allows for the juxtaposition of fine figurative elements with painterly gestures. In the “Square Series” my thoughts turned to the order of a chessboard or quilt. This simple pattern created a foil for imaginative thinking.