Artist Statement I practice my art almost every day. I have no failures in the process, but a constant movement of ideas and various applications that I encourage in my process. The process of painting, in itself, is the success of the day rather than the ultimate final product.


I paint on a variety of surfaces prepared with or without a gesso coating. Using acrylics is always fun and allows for a quick and aggressive approach daring to go “out of bounds” with an easy retreat. Oils are my favorite though. The creamy, lush piles of the oil paints paired with how they spread on the surface is so satisfying combined with the final luster they leave. It is a toss up and a surprise to me as to which medium I will work with. Each day I work I am a new artist with new opportunities ahead of me!


My mantra in life is to “always take the pretty roads.” Even if it takes more time, it is better for the heart and soul to soak in all the natural beauty that is before us and notice the shifts in color, shape, and atmosphere. The older my artist eyes get the more they see and seek the beauty in the every day. Landscapes dominate my work as a reflection of these road trips, but color studies (non representational) steal my heart. Based on the emotional response to color and energy, my intuitional process is evident. It has taken me years to unwind from a traditional approach to painting and embrace using my intuitive response with these color studies. To not know what the end result should be is beautiful, scary, and a glorious process.