Artist Statement I have spent most of my career as an artist creating works on paper. In addition to works on paper I have done several large-scale wall drawing installations over the years.


The immediacy of drawing and its elemental nature are what I find most attractive about it. The connection that drawing in particular has to our past, going all the way back to the cave drawings at Lascaux, is what makes it still relevant for me today.


I use mainly charcoal, pastel, and watercolor in my work. I draw from direct observation and original reference photographs. I work representationally for the most part but I reject the nostalgic approach to realism, which might pretend that Modernism never happened.


I feel most comfortable speaking from direct experience when developing ideas for artwork, which is one reason I draw myself a lot when I need a model. I also have a fascination with everyday objects as subject matter for drawings. I feel I have as good a chance to come upon some truth in the mundane as anywhere else, perhaps even more of a chance.


My most recent series of artworks have focused on large-scale pastel drawings of different types of food.