Artist Statement My work has always been about the close observation of and respect for nature as interpreted through the art of printmaking. In an effort to express a contemplative, deep respect for our natural world it is hoped that the viewers will become inspired to think about their own connections with nature and through responsible action, help to take care of our beautiful planet for future generations.


Our natural environment, wherever we live and travel, can be a source of peacefulness and wellbeing. What inspires me most is how nature can be instantly captivating and calming as well as full of excitement and surprises. Utilizing printmaking materials and techniques and the spontaneous development of imagery inherent in making monoprints, I channel my enthusiasm for nature into multi-layered images related to such phenomena as water currents and reflections, wind formations, earth forms, foliage, shadows and other natural ephemera. The abstracted, patterned layers, colors and forms are meant to be celebratory reminders of the beauty and mystery that our natural world has to offer and how important it is to preserve and be mindful of this beauty. I am extremely interested in expanding new ways of thinking and feeling about our natural world in hopes that we all will become better stewards of the environment.


Some of my most recent prints, titled "Lost in the Woods" are made from real foliage as well as hand-cut paper stencils. By experimenting with a mostly blue monochromatic palette and pressing the actual foliage in various experimental ways through the press, a sort of visual preservation is captured and the object's details are dreamily transformed and memorialized. These prints were produced during a time of uncertainty, the summer of 2020. The images are my way of producing evidence that solace can be found while being "lost" or isolated for a while and that nature can help us through the most difficult of times.