Artist Statement For many years my goal has been to create encaustic paintings which create meaningful evocative experiences for me and for the viewer. I want them to be quiet meditations with psychological and spiritual implications.


Often my work is a collaboration in the sense that I am responding to the previous work of early creative thinkers, architects, scientists and artists. New possibilities evolve while layering the wax over copies of historical engravings, maps, diagrams or architectural plans. Or it could be a place or an experience that holds some surprising universal element. Most recently I am interested in how we relate to the environment and the need for calling attention to preserving our natural resources.


I think that he act of combining two perspectives is indicative of the ongoing mystery of the Cosmos. Enhancing, altering or creating rhythms. images or structures speaks of time transcended.


The grid is a rational tool, much of the structuring is actually intuitive. Plus the work is clearly respectful.


Full of obvious visual symmetries, there are other more elusive symmetries underlying the work. hidden ideas and philosophies.


Geometry, particularly Sacred Geometry, continues to be an inspirational companion. Even after numerous trips to Italy, I still find solace in the patterning of Italian Cosmatesque floors and the spacial quiet of cathedrals.


My visual language, research, observations and understanding of the correlation between ancient knowing and modern interpretation is ongoing.


My work has been referred to "as poetic interpretations of subtle states of being which address the mind/body/spirit continuum.


I have a deep reverence for the past, a desire to explore uncharted terrain, yet the work is confidently grounded in the present.