Artist Statement  Earlier this year I found myself revisiting painters whom I admire. Among those are the like of Milton Avery, Richard Diebenkorn, Agnes Martin, William Turner, and Wayne Thiebaud. This group of painters has had a both conscience and subconcience effect on my artistic provenance.


My recent paintings have endeavored to fold in those influences, with the focus on color being of paramount importance. While landscapes continue to be the subject matter, what is at the heart of my paintings is to appeal to a spiritual and sensual response. I liken my painting to anything that we really enjoy, whether it be food or wine, in that there are layers of taste and complexities that result in something that is inexplicably enjoyable and lasting. Similarly, in my painting, what I attempt to achieve is a complex layering of colors that results in the painting's sensuousness. Color is the element that fuses the paintings together as blues intermingle with hot pinks, green and violet swirl in the sky, and the full spectrum of color dances in the trees.


In the end this confluence of color and landscape brings viewers into a space that engages them in ways that challenge their thoughts of what a landscape is while appesling to a sense of beauty that is both evocative and sublime.