Kathleen Hammett

My paintings are loosely drawn as their point of origin. Principally inspired by the horizon, ethereal qualities of the sky, and Lake Erie. The paintings express my impression of the inner nature of light, water, and atmosphere.
While never descriptive in the sense of photographic reality, the composition often makes reference to nature's open fields, crevasses, and expanses of sky and water. More often, the paintings may take a direction far removed from the original inspiration as layers of color, line, form, and shape are structured, ordered, and reordered. The painting takes me where it wants to go. The emerging composition invokes formal considerations, juxtaposing elements (line, form, shape, and color) in a spatial interaction that establishes tension and equilibrium.

My work experiments with the paradoxical sense of receding planes and space on a flat surface. Color is a primary consideration, and the color choices are intuitive and a response to their seductive qualities. Through manipulation of lights and darks, harmonies, and clashes, it seeks an emotional response from the viewer; through the manipulation of lights and darks, harmonies and clashes.