My collages are mostly abstractions built from bits and pieces of old books and catalogs. One piece, “Tampa Nugget,” has a central focus—an image and phrase that was carefully peeled from a cigar box (a beautiful object on its own, before I came along) and a 19th century lithograph of a historical figure—with lovely foxing around the image—who I wish I could still identify. “Southwest Container,” meanwhile, lacks a center, but presents the alternative of a dynamic, roundly-distributed area of activity. And the collage called “Between the Living and the Dead” includes a narrative element that was the lucky result of chance, a regular visitor when you have a table full of cut-outs that are frequently being auditioned for different roles. As the director of these little charades, I schedule casting calls and make cuts according to whatever is at-hand and however I’m moved during the production. It’s always a show I enjoy attending.