Born and raised in Cleveland, Mark Krieger earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Cleveland Institute of Art and his Masters from Tyler School of Art, Temple University.  His first year of graduate school was spent in Rome and he returned twice to Italy to spend a year painting, the second year, 1973-74, on a Fulbright Hays Fellowship.


Returning to Cleveland, he taught for The Cleveland Board of Education at The Supplementary Education Center.  In 1976 he moved to Newport, Rhode Island where he free-lanced as an independent graphic artist and continued to paint.  While in Newport he traveled frequently to New York where he developed the gallery connections at Allan Stone and Touchstone galleries that culminated in a one-man show in Manhattan at Touchstone in 1978.  That year, with a growing family, he accepted a teaching position at The University of Texas at Austin and in 1980 returned to Cleveland where he took the teaching position at University School that he held until 2012.


Mark Krieger is an archived artist at Artist Archives of the Western Reserve.  His studio is at the 78th Street Studios, Cleveland Ohio.