Textured abstractions encompassing a broad spectrum of color and materials exhibit the multiplicity and goal-oriented motion of my work. Through the repetitive use of independent abstract forms, I spontaneously fuse distinct elements together in an expressive counterpoint.  Using a musical term as metaphor, my work is polyphonic, as I simultaneously combine multiple textured parts, each forming an individual statement while harmonizing with each other.


Possessed with a strong belief in the Bauhaus movement to create works of art in which all the arts, including architecture and design, exist on equal footing ‘without class snobbery’. Working in series and using copper and aluminum as the foundation materials for both my mixed media paintings and sculptural assemblages, a reflective conversation takes place with each piece. Using the inherent motion encompassed in geometric shapes I trust, intuition, chance, and the materials at hand to resolve the abstracted elements in to works of truth and harmony.