Artist Statement The pursuit for something new, unique forms and compositions, found in our everyday exterior environments are the subjects that are consistently sought after as the major contributors to my work. The main focus showcases the mundane within the landscape, for example, transformers, utility poles, tops of structures, and wires, and how each interacts with one another in the composition. Taking something so utilitarian for example, like that of telephone poles with all of their components, on average would be, and usually are, looked upon as something that is less than visually desirable, yet when presented in a unique way this provides one with the tools needed to visually tune into not only in their everyday environments but also that of the world — therefore, giving viewers the capabilities to find beauty in the simplest of things.


The following quote by Henry Miller speaks volumes when it comes to embodying the personal philosophy as to what drives me to be an image maker; “What the painter sees he is duty-bound to share. Usually he makes us see and feel what ordinarily we ignore or are immune to. His manner of approaching the world tells us, in effect, that nothing is hideous, nothing is stale, flat and unpalatable unless it be our own power of vision.”