Michael Zigmond has participated in more than fifty exhibitions in Boston, New York and the Midwest. He chooses his subjects carefully to convey an image that is at first glance ordinary and comfortable, but with closer observation are complex plays on light, shadow and form. His widely recognized  style  focuses  on  reality  and  the  belief  that  "truth  is  often stranger than fiction".


Michael Zigmond's current still life paintings evolved from an interest in depicting interiors bathed in direct sunlight. Using this light not only as a source of illumination but as a compositional element, he has recently focused on more intimate tableaus, often combining seemingly disparate objects with a sense of humor and mystery of the world around him. Using word play and language as the basis of many of his compositions, his playful yet highly finished works convey a sense of timelessness through the ordinary. Often described as photo-realistic, he states that his work is an amalgam of direct observation, photo reference, memory and imagination.


Zigmond's work is included in over 250 public and private collections throughout the United States and Europe.