Artist Statement My paintings are a focus on reality, especially the reality of my immediate environment where I live and work. I am fascinated by the shapes, forms and hues that are created when intense light interacts with a familiar object or surroundings. Abstractions of light and shadow vie for attention with the more tangible and recognizable elements, emphasizing at the same time the timelessness of a particular moment with the transience of the subject matter.


Using both photographs and the live model as a reference, I follow a very descriptive approach to my subject matter, attempting to arrive at a sense of naturalism, rather than one that is “photo real”. I enjoy the ambiguity of a flat design of light and shadow rendered together with the illusion of a solid object existing in space. I find this tension between two and three dimensional pictorial elements exciting. In my observations, I never cease to be amazed at the variety with which nature provides the makings of a composition.


Most importantly, by isolating these commonplace things to express some meaning, I wish to convey to the viewer a sense of timelessness and mood within the vicissitudes of everyday surroundings. My work is not merely a recording of my environment, nor just an exploration of the interplay of abstract and descriptive visual elements. If I can evoke in the viewer a sense of serenity and timelessness through the ordinary, then I will have succeeded.