Artist Statement My work involves the debate of existentialism and memory; how we are versus how we were. This work is figure and narrative based, the people interact with each other while making decisions based on their environment. The figures are drawn from models, sourced out of magazines and fashion catalogues, rendered in ballpoint pen and ink wash. Their environments are pieced together from photographs collected in family albums and years of photographing my surroundings, from old apartments to vacation locales, and built up on the paper through photoshop and a photo-transfer technique. A compromise of image is created as the rendered ink drawing is built up and the photograph is broken down during the printmaking process. We use experience, hear-say and ephemera to recollect memories. Various source material is broken apart and pieced back together to show new stories made from old ones. The people and places in the work are amalgamations that create a cohesive experience that seems strange but familiar.