Artist Statement  As a mother, I find myself both vexed and delighted by the expectations and joys of the domestic realm. As an artist, I use my home life as my muse, investigating “Domestic Mythologies”.


Creating images that explore the disparate, unflinching realities of family life allows me to understand and appreciate the intimate relationships surrounding me. Growth, fertility and the cycles of life inspire my studio practice.


I use metaphors taken from fairytales, archetypal imagery and everyday objects to investigate emotions that surround the domestic stage. The absurd expectations placed on motherhood and the pursuit of happiness vex me as does the unflinching passing of time. Creating visual narratives helps me forge meaning from everyday endeavors. Combining seemingly disparate objects and distilling events help me examine the dichotomies and myriad facets of my life.


Focusing on detail and obsessive processes form a direct connection to the rhythms of domesticity and family life.