Yes, the system is rigged. Yes, the once percent rules the world. Yes, the rest of us toil in fields, offices, and factories trying ot survive the next day, dreaming the American Dream, and when we feel righteious, we pray that one day the meek will inherit the earth,

It is easy to find a target to hate, to blame for our shortcomings and misfortunes these days. It is easy to point a finger to the "other": the rich, the poor, the black, the brown, the white, the patriot, the immigrant, the politican, the racist, the activist, the church, the government, and of course, Obama. It is easier than lookin at the mirror, than admittig that it is our collective behavior that has taken us to this absurd state of affairs.

We all look with disdain to entitled pigs tramling our gardens, oblivious to the wreckage left on their path. But the irony is that while hating the pigs, we fail to look at our own entitlements, at our own wreckage left behind, and if we are goin to be truthful, we all work really hard to acheive the leisure life of the entitled pigs one day before the meek inherit the earth.