Artist Statement  My work explores the very elementary human desire to find control. So much of our lives we are caught up in trying to understand what is going on in our brains and our bodies. There is an absurdity of human nature and the existence between our bodies… This can result in indescribable emotions that cause a tightness in your chest and a fuzzy feeling in your mind.


Using thick paint and various mediums such as molding paste, spackle, clear tar gel, and more, I probe the relationship between body and mark. Brush strokes are applied freely onto the canvas, often created from impulse. Impromptu application of material and use of selective color palettes are reminiscent of abstract expressionism. After establishing general composition and placement of disembodied anatomy, I execute the paintings spontaneously. I work freely, allowing my conscious mind to wander as expressive and emotional mark making takes a front seat. The color palette is bright and expressive as a way of underlining the humor of these topics. It acts to highlight what a serious and absurd endeavor it is, trying to make sense of our bodily existence.


I am constantly aware of my body, hyper attuned to how it is feeling. This can be seen in the imagery in my work. Elongated arms, floating ears, and disembodied mouths are found within the canvas. These appendages are portrayed to aid the viewer to think about their own relationship to the body, whether that is their own physical body, or someone else's. These body parts are often elongated and exaggerated, and are meant to make you aware of them and their presence. They ask viewers to look at them, to analyze them, and to see what they are up to. This is how I look at my own body. I am always studying myself, and making sure that everything feels like it's working correctly, and looks like it's alright. I am hoping that as viewers are seeing my work, they are prompted to… about whose arm is in the painting, I hope they are considering how that person with that arm is feeling or existing in the space. These elements of my painting serve as a visual representation of how hyper attuned I am in thinking about the body, and the way it functions, or does not function.