This new body of work shows figures in an ambiguos space, They are visual depictions of the emotions, movements, textures, sounds, and images that can make up and affect a memory. This series explores how memories are images we conjure that exist outside of time. It shows how memories and time combine to tell an old story in a new time and a new story in a past time. The figures serve as the bookmarks in the pages of those stories.

Using photos found from various sources, I compose the figures and place them in bold color schemes, repeated patterns, and broad textured strokes that reflect the strength, emotion, longevity, and obscurity of our memories, I chose mere moments in time that may tell a life story the viewer can create. Certain figures are displaced from their original pieces and can appear anywhere, inviting us to make sense of where we might find ourselves. Incorporating mirrors serve to reflect another painting on the back side of a moment form a different time, to reflect the viewer's image to insert them into the narrative, and to illustrate how our minds' eye collapses time and space. 

I hope these pieces inspire viewers to contemplate their own memories and relect on what memories they made and how those memories tell their stories.