Artist Statement  Larger than life welded sculptures installed on the wall or placed on the ground create an immersive experience. This large scale confronts the viewer directly and asks that they question the importance of each object. These sculptures can be read as line drawings because they are created with steel rods that have been cut, bent, and tack welded together. The finished pieces represent a range of monumental portraits from common animals to elderly faces and including material tests. Each drawing is animated by the organic quality of the line. In some cases, material, such as paint, hot glue, or flocking, is added to the steel. The added material can dramatically alter the cool and stable quality of the steel and bring silliness or seriousness to the sculptures.


The representational nature of these works allows the viewer to apply narrative and personal connotation to each one. In the case of the elderly faces, each portrait is recognizable as an aged person but generic enough that a viewer could become familiar with them. The viewer will notice humor in some cases, such as the fish that is colorful and appears to be singing or talking. Others are more solemn such as the upside-down hanging chicken that has been flocked with a crimson red. By pushing the personality of these pieces in many directions I am discovering what is possible within this medium. As I am creating these sculptures, I am following a basic map, but making many decisions in real time. I aim to achieve representation with only the most important marks while letting the viewer bring their own interpretation to each form. The narratives are amplified and informed by their relationships to each other in the installation. I have chosen to imply narrative by positioning each sculpture in direct relationship to another, whether mounted, hung, or placed on the floor. These narratives assist in creating an intimate relationship between the viewer and the sculptures.