This series began during the 2016 election cycle with an ad image torn from the New York Times magazine. I admired and longed for the stylish, clean interiors. But these pristine rooms didn't seem related to actual life and produced an unrealistic expectation of how to live and created a feeling of inadequacy.

Some suggest the anxiety we are feeling in dealing with the major issues of the day and the sense that our world is on shaky foundations. This feeling is widespread on a daily basis for many who are discriminated against or have no means for security. Intolerance and prejudic are rampant,. The beautiful rooms show none of this unease. Staying home now for most of us is a concept that denotes safety and security. The foundations of our country might be collapsing and no one feels untouched. Adding animals to the mix can be humorous or scary.

The mitrust and suspicion of the news cycle is a reminder of this, There is a feeling that life can change in an instant. The sadness and uncertainty, the daily unease, and the ultimate heartache are depicted with a literal hole in the ground but there is hope for the future.