Artist Statement  My work is whimsical and alluring like a ghost town left to the woos of the elements. The dark void drawings act as maps to this world with illustrative delicate lines carrying travelers from one moment to the next of this unknown world. The buildings twist and turn with no one in sight. Ladders are bent and broken, bookshelves of used and disrupted books are crafted from mismatched scrap material. This world expands with the miniatures, only inches in height, nested in forgotten spaces of our world.


Beneath the wonder of a world to explore, the sour truth that this world is crumbling and precariously existing in disrepair. This world’s beauty sits in its oddities and ghost town-like qualities paired with hope to reassemble if only the pages were larger, if the miniatures had someone walk out to use them, and everything would stitch together, seamless, and thriving.


These works function as a pause of whatever one is caught up with. When making the sculptural miniatures, they function as fidgets or worry stones to have a place for anxious and compulsive thoughts to go. In turn many of these scenes are places of comfort, like a sitting room with a rug and book. At times this world steps out of the drawings and into our space hidden behind pillars or near door frames that are unconsidered spaces by day to day passers. They act as a moment of escape or surprise for the people who come across it and an opportunity to breathe outside of their current moment. Simultaneously they function in their surrounding space, like physical graffiti, to lead to questioning the space around them.