Artist Statement  In the works I am creating I am using the tones of homoerotica and its subcultures as a tool to create my works. My works create different tones whether it be straightforward or an alluring work that the viewer has to come up and pick a part themselves. As well as a selection of different materials used to create said works paint, oil pastel, ink, etc using each medium as a way to highlight this theme of the homoerotica as well for the viewer to come to the work and at least have an appreciation for the application of the medium if not the context of the work. these are works highlighting many different subcultures that people in the homosexual community find themselves in whether it be a sexual act or more of a kink. I focus of many different ideas relating to homoerotica (uniform play, dad & son, puppy play, the jockstrap & socks, etc) The works I am creating out these topics of homosexuality and it's subcultures of the erotica on a pedestal giving it a voice to show itself to others. There is much more in this iceberg that I have to tap into and look forward to getting deeper with these works.