Artist Statement 

My path has diverged from where I originally started. My intent upon going to college was to be a writer. Upon my college graduation I got a job at the local newspaper in Columbus. It was an advertising job, but at least it was in my field of study. In 2006 I was at a discount store and saw a print that caught my eye. It was of a rooster and I could tell that the original would have been made of papers that were glued together. I bought the print and I have to say it changed my world. Gathering various papers I had around the house, I created my first collage. It was of Dusty, my beloved Siamese cat. Dusty is gone, but my first creation hangs in my backyard studio and continues to inspire me.

I began making my collages in 2006 and continue to create. I do occasional art fairs and sell my work and cards at The Ohio Craft Museum and The Contemporary Dayton. I also teach summer classes and work as the Art Education Coordinator at an art museum in Columbus, Ohio.  As a self-taught artist, I have developed my own technique that works for me. No paper in my vicinity goes to waste. Wrapping paper, magazines, gift bags, newsprint, candy wrappers - they are all put to use. And I tear the papers to create my images because I like how the torn, frayed papers mimic the imperfection of life. Many of my pieces come from personal memories of people and events that invoke a sense of joy they brought to me. I like to think I am spreading this joy to the people who see my work and that they walk away with a smile.