Artist Statement Painting is a physical, mental and spiritual process. It begins with preparing a canvas and  ends when everything clicks and there is nothing left to resolve. A composition starts with a series of lines created by suppressing conscious control. It is fast and spontaneous, like automatic drawing. In just a few minutes the entire composition is laid out.


Once that is complete, there is a transition to a deliberate work flow. Areas of color are  meticulously applied defining the composition and are added slowly and with a studied patience allowing the painting to evolve. A few highly saturated colors are applied first and  create the focal point of the painting. Layered on top of that are areas of more diluted colors that fall into a palette of near whites. Together they work to create depth and movement. Negative space is critical. Implied transparencies emerge with the juxtaposition and intersection of the colored shapes. Some paintings come quickly. Some take months. Eachpiece leads to the next.